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Hello! We do gif hunts, FC suggestions, you give us a request and we'll do our very best to fulfill your wish! We're here to help, Don't be afraid to request! we don't bite! -------Currently NOT accepting crackship requests--------------------- -----All other requests are OPEN---



Below the cut, you will find #432 small/medium HQ gifs of Sam Claflin. None of these are mine, credits to the talented owners. Please like/reblog if this has been helpful to you. 


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normal-till-you-know-me asked: "Hi, Marie!! I just got a tumblr and I'm kinda trying to figure it out. Any advise or tips or anything? idk, you're one of my favorite people on tumblr. :)"


Well this was a super sweet message so this is a good start!

  • Remember that this website is vast and everyone comes at issues from different times in their lives, countries, classes, ethnicities, genders, sexualities whatever. People on this website are going to disagree and you can avoid negative things by educating yourself on controversial issues and not forming an opinion right away
  • Its your blog. If you want to post selfies or complain this is your space to do those things and people should respect that. Never let someone make you feel bad about your right to post as much as you want
  • That being said try and avoid posting any sort of hate. We all fuck up at some point and post something even just vague blogging that looking back on was a mistake so just keep that in mind when you reblog things and when you talk about stuff
  • Friendships on tumblr are odd. You can message someone 500 times and still feel distant and you can message some once and mutually follow and consider them your friend. Support people, love people, understand that people are busy and have lives and are not always perfect and mess up. This site has some of the best people you could ever meet and talk to on it but it has some problematic people too. 
  • Never feel bad for unfollowing someone if they post anything that doesn’t sit right with you. Its your blog and these people are removed from you. Cutting off negativity in your life is important and good things to do.
  • Tags can be a tricky place to navigate. Track your tag (your url) and learn the tricks of searching for things. A phrase like sunglasses will give you all posts that mention sunglasses. #sunglasses will give you all posts with that as a hashtag. #sunglasses #dragons will give you all posts with those hashtags and I hope there are some dragons with sunglasses cause that is something I need in my life.
  • Always support your fellow bloggers. If they post selfies, like them. Send people love, send them anon love. Respect them when they wish to be left alone.
  • On that note respect pronouns
  • If you don’t have xkit I would look at getting it, trust me its the light and I have seen it 
  • Queue posts or at least thats my style. I don’t want to crowd my followers dashes but honestly I don’t mind when other people do. I prefer personally to queue my posts
  • Tag for yourself and for organizational reasons trust me its helpful 
  • Tag for other people. Tag rape and blood and death and sickness because people have things like that blacklisted for a reason, care for your followers and make sure their dashes are happy
  • Cold Turkey and other programs are good to block tumblr when you need to be studying

I hoped I helped at least a little! 



under the cut you will find a good amount of Paul Wesley being sassy. I claim not credit for these and If you would like me to take anything down please just message me. These are mostly collected for roleplaying but also for sassy reaction gifs. Please like or reblog this post if you found it helpful!

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Anonymous asked: "hey there. I hope you have an amazing day :) I am looking for a good FC for disneys esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame. I was looking around, but wasn't really happy with the suggestions, maybe you have some good ideas who are not vanessa hudgens or vanessa szhor. I thought that salma hayek would be great but in my opinion she is a little too old. I would be really thankfull for your help :)"

I don’t think she’d be too old, it’d just be a slightly older interpretation of her. 

  • Mila Kunis
  • Naya Rivera
  • Freida Pinto
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Janina Gavankar
  • Oona Chaplin

Maybe one of those?


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Friendly reminder that our crackship requests are currently closed. Everything else is open, but please don’t send us crackship requests. They take longer then other requests to get up and as you can see from our to do list, we have quite a few left to do. 

We will make a post to notify you when we are accepting them again. 


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Anonymous asked: "Who looks more like Lucy Hale; Katie McGrath or Mila Kunis?"

Katie Mcgrath without a doubt!


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Below the cut you will find a guide on playing a character who enjoys theatre, or at least, getting to know theatre. A second part of this might come sooner or later including some more Glee characters informations. This guide has been written as a complete answer to this question:

I know nothing about Broadway, do you know of anywhere I could go to learn a bit about it, watch musicals as they are on stage or even just listen to them? I’m playing Rachel Berry and it’d really help

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